Help us crowd-fund this film!

Crowd funding is a way for many people to get involved in making independent films.  We all know making films is expensive – but now, you can not only help us overcome the cost of making Carnavaleando, help us tell this great story, but you can share in the profit when the film gets made.   As you know, we need to get down to the Carnaval this February, and to do that, we are trying to raise $10 000 by the end of the year.

no me sueltes carnaval

How does it work?

In two ways: Invest or Donate.


We would love to have your support, and every amount no matter how small, helps us make this film happen.


Want to get more involved? Buy a share, and share in the profits!

Since we are at the beginning of this process – and we’re asking you to get involved right at the ground floor, there is obviously a risk involved in your investment.  Will you make your money back? Perhaps not. But perhaps you’ll not only make back your investment, but make more money. Documentary film is enjoying a comeback of sorts, and many recent films have turned a large profit.

So, we’re beginning by selling 1 share for 100$. One share represents 0.1% of any and all profit the film generates.

So $100 = 1 share = 0.1%

$500 = 5 shares = 0.5%

$1000 = 10 shares = 1%

More questions?  Ready to invest/donate?  Contact Irene

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